Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bar Cart!

My husband and I love to have friends over for game nights and drinks.  We aren't big drinkers but we do enjoy a nice cold beer or a good cocktail every once in a while.  I have been eyeing some bar carts on Pinterest and when one went on sale at my local Target I decided to take the plunge and bought it.

We previously stored our alcohol and accessories under a cupboard, tucked into a back corner, which made it pretty hard to get to when we were entertaining.  We'd have to lug everything out of the cupboard just to get one bottle of alcohol to mix a drink.  I love the idea of a bar cart and think that they really add something to a living space.  Our living room is huge with two sectional couches and a large coffee table so we really had a lot of space to play with and the bar cart works nicely in the area. 

This is the bar cart that I decided to purchase.

 It is technically an outdoor patio bar cart but I saw the floor model and loved it! The top is actually a {removable tray} which makes it super for entertaining.  We can just lift the tray off and move it to the coffee table if we want.

Now that I have the bar cart I've been trying to stock it.  I've come up with a list of what I'd deem essential items to have on your bar cart and have provided some examples below!

Now that I know what I want to put on our bar cart I'm working on bringing it all together and look forward to sharing the completed project with you soon! I have already purchased the wine rack and napkins shown above for our bar cart.  I'm in no rush to pull it all together and am enjoying scouring my local Winners and Target looking for the perfect pieces. 

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