Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jamberry Nail Review

Hello everyone!
I've been MIA for about two weeks and I apologize for that.  My husband recently got home from Nunavut and we've been enjoying spending some much needed time together and with family.  I'm back into a routine now and should be back to regular blogging. 

I am a nail polish junkie.  I have subscribed to Julep for over a year and a half now and also L.O.V.E Deborrah Lippmann nail polish!  Working at the hospital and constanly taking gloves on/off means that gel nails aren't a great option for me as they tend to stick to the gloves which is a pain. I do love my polish but I have been hearing great things about Jamberry Nails and wanted to give them a shot.  I have never been very good at nail art and Jamberry offers an extensive catalogue of options to pick from!

I contacted my local Jambery Nails rep and asked for a sample to be sent to me.  I tried the sample on two nails and loved the results.  They were super easy to apply so I decided to order a full set. 

I went with a set of "Mint Green and Gold Horizontal Pinstripe" as I can't get enough of mint lately. This is the product photo from the Jamberry website:
My Jamberry Nails cost me $17.00 (plus tax) and shipping was free as my consultant was placing a big order. 
One set of Jamberry Nails can give you TWO manicures and TWO pedicures! They say the manicures will last up to two weeks and the pedicures up to four weeks.
This is what a sheet of Jamberry Nails looks like:
The backing on the sheet is clear so that you can easily hold them over your nail to determine the best fit.  The nails themselves cut in half which gives you your two manicures and two pedicures. 
In preparation for applying my nails I grabbed a rubber cuticle pusher, mini metal scissors and a nail file.  (Similar cuticle pusher and scissors found here and here. 

The application process was very straightforward.
Here are the instructions (taken from the Jamberry website and package):
1. Clean unpolished nails with alcohol wipe and push back cuticles.  (**Pushing back your cuticles is a very important step, do not skip this one, it made my application process so much easier!).
2. Match nail (finger or toe) to the nail wrap that best fits.
3. Peel off nail wrap and warm with a mini heater or blow-dryer for 3-5 seconds or until soft and flexible.  (**When I got my nail wraps I immediately cut each manicure sheet in half so that I made sure I would get my two applications out of them and wouldn't ruin the other half during the heating process.  I used a hairdryer to heat my wraps.  I peeled the wrap off and stuck a corner onto my metal scissors and then heated the wrap so that it wasn't flying all over the place). 
4. When warm, press the wrap onto the nail.  Apply firm pressure around edges to adhere the wrap to the nail.  Use rubber cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the base of the cuticle. 
5. Trim the top with scissors and file off remaining wrap using a downward motion to remove excess.  (** File at a 90 degree angle).
6. Apply heat and pressure to the wrap again until it is bonded to the nail. 
 Here  is a link to the official Jamberry application video if you want a visual on how to apply them. 
I found that the nail wraps went on easy and quick and that they looked great once applied.  They stuck to my nails with no issues.  A lot of people mix different sets of Jamberry Nails together to create an even more interesting manicure.  You can follow Jamberry on Instagram for even more nail inspiration. 
I had my Jamberry Nails on for two weeks and they still looked great at the end of it.  I got lots of compliments on my nails and think I've converted a few of my friends to them too. 
This is what my nails looked like with my Jamberry Nails on:
Once you've decided that you've had your fill of the wraps there are two ways to remove them:
The QUICK removal method:
Heat the wraps with a blow-dryer for 15 seconds.  Break the seal by getting under the edge of the wrap with your opposite thumb nail.  Slowly peel the wrap from side to side.  If the nail wraps are not peeling easily or the adhesive is still bonded to the nail bed then follow the GENTLE removal process. 
The GENTLE removal method:
Soak the nail wraps in nail polish remover for 20-30 seconds and gently rub them off.  Soaking will break down the adhesive bond and allow them to easily slide off of the nail bed. 
I followed the quick removal method with no issues.  After the wraps were removed I cleaned my nails with alcohol.  My real nails were not ruined at all after the wraps were removed! 
I can't wait to order some more sets of Jamberry nail wraps.  They have a promo on for buy three get one free and I think I will be taking advantage of that very soon.  They even have a lot of themed nails and just released their Halloween collection! 
You can find the Jamberry website HERE.  There is even a monthly Jamberry Nails subscription box called "Stylebox" that you can subscribe to as well.  It is $25.00 a month and shipping is free.  It includes a minimum of $30 of Jamberry Nail product, a nail file, an orange stick and a monthly style guide. 
** I was not compensated for this product review.  I purchased my Jamberry Nails and just wanted to share my honest opinion with you. 

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