Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekly Budget/Cash System

Hello everyone!
I'm back again and this time I'm sharing a makeover of our weekly financial organization.  We follow a budget in our household and find that withdrawing cash every payday helps us stay on track financially and keeps us more accountable for our purchases. 

We have a couple of categories that we withdraw cash for:
1. Grocery Money
2. Spending Money
3. Gas Money
4. Date Money

We divide the cash up between the categories based on our budget and have historically kept the cash in labeled envelopes.  They were hideous and I was finally tired of looking at them! Worst of all, they were the re-sealing kind so every time we put cash in or took it out they ripped and ripped and ripped. 
So I decided to take a few minutes, do something really simple, and make a change! I picked up a small accordion file folder from the Target Dollar Spot for $1.00.  They didn't have any bright colored ones, only white, so naturally I had to spice it up a bit! 
The file folder came with labels so I labeled all the categories we needed and stuck them to the sections (with a lot of trouble! Those things are sticky.  One wrong move and you were screwed!)
After I labelled the sections I decided to add some color to the front with washi to make it more appealing.
The final product! It's been working so much better for us so far and was such a simple change to make but really made a huge difference in trying to fight with an ugly, re-sealing envelope every time we wanted to add/take some cash!
Do you budget with cash?  How do you organize it? I'd love to know!

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