Monday, August 18, 2014

August 2014 Topbox Review

I love mail subscription services.  There's just something about getting mail that makes your day better.  One of my favorite things to see in my mailbox is my monthly {Topbox}.  Topbox is a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service.  It's $12.00 a month plus tax.  Shipping is included in that price.  It offers subscribers 4 deluxe beauty samples each month.  Often times full size products are included as well. 

{Featured Brands}
B. Kamins
Butter London
Deborrah Lippmann
Cover FX
Elizabeth Arden
Estee Lauder
Glam Glow
Juice Beauty
MakeUp Forever
Lippy Girl
Miracle 10
Shu Uemura
Yves Saint Laurent
Vera Wang
... and MANY more!! {Some of my favorites are highlighted in red}

{How it Works}
- You sign up for Topbox here.  Sometimes there is a wait list, they will email you when your name makes it onto the mailing list)
- You receive an email saying you've been added to the Topbox mailing list. 
- You enter all your info and complete your beauty profile so that they can get to know what kind of products you like. 
- Every month Topbox will email you with a monthly {Wish List}.  This email shows you some brand-specific curated Topbox's that you can pick from or you can choose the traditional Topbox.  If you choose to "wish" for a curated Topbox, it shows you exactly what you will receive in those boxes.  You can choose to wish for however many curated boxes that you'd like and Topbox will randomly choose what curated box you get.  If you choose the traditional Topbox, you cannot wish for any curated boxes.  With the traditional Topbox everything inside is a surprise so you have no idea what you will be getting until it shows up on your doorstep. 
- Once you make your wish list you sit back and relax until you receive your Topbox. 

Every month there are great customer savings from the brands featured in that months boxes. 

I have gotten both a mix of curated and traditional Topbox's in the past and have been very happy with both.  I know exactly what I'm going to get if I choose a curated Topbox.  I also love the surprise of the traditional Topbox.  I find overall, unless there is a brand that I know I'll love or a product I've been dying to try, I get the traditional Topbox.  I like trying a variety of products and find that I like the surprise element the best. 

This is what I received in my Topbox this month.  I went for a traditional box. 

{August 2014 Traditional Topbox}
{Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream}  I always love moisturizes by Clinique.  I find them to be hydrating and easily absorbed without being greasy.  However, I'm 25 years old and I've always taken good care of my skin.  I can't say that I currently have too many eye wrinkles that I'm concerned about so I did not try this product for an extended period of time.  I do find that it has a bit of a smell.  It does fade a few minutes after application but is quite noticeable and almost smells like alcohol when you first apply it.  (0.5 ml sample)
{Belvada Nail Polish Remover Pads in Strawberry}.  I have never heard of this brand before but am enjoying the product.  They really do smell like strawberries and work well to take off even my darkest polish. (28 polish remover pads)
{LAQA & CO Lip Lube}.  This might be my favorite product I received this month.  Again, I had never heard of this brand before but the color is very similar to my favorite lipstick by TooFaced.  I provided a color swatch on my wrist.  No color name is provided however, it's a nice light pink color which works well with my peachy undertone skin.  (Full size). 
{Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Macadamia Oil Hand Cream}.  This hand cream was average in my opinion.  The smell is very subtle and pleasent which is what I look for in a hand cream.  It left my hands feeling very moisturized but I found that it took quite a while for it to absorbed into my palms and it left them feeling greasy.  I have a favorite hand cream that I love so I have pretty high standards when trying any new hand cream.  (60 ml). 
{Garnier Ombrelle SPF 60 Hypoallergenic Lotion}.  This item was a {bonus} for the Maritimes due to a shipping delay {that I didn't even notice} last month.  I will say that Topbox is very good at making up any issues to customers.  I love Ombrelle products so I was very happy to see this in my Topbox.  It's great SPF protection, nongreasy and at 50 ml it's the perfect size to throw in my purse.  (50 ml). 
If you're interested in signing up for Topbox send me an email {} or comment below and I'll send you a referral link. 
For $12.00 a month I truly enjoy receiving this subscription and have recommended it to all my friends!

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