Thursday, August 14, 2014

Planner Storage Solution!

Storing my stickers, extra washi and other planner accessories has been somewhat of a challenge.  I've been accumulating quite the collection and wanted to find a way to keep everything organized and together. Often times, when doing my weekly planning prep I bring all my supplies from my office into the living room and watch TV while setting my week up.  I wanted something that would store all my supplies, but also be super easy to transport since I knew I would be going from room to room with it.  I finally found the perfect solution the other day while I was at Michael's.  I got this double layer plastic storage bin on sale for $12.99, originally $29.99.  What I love about this storage bin is that the top layer is big enough for scrapbook paper, punches and for holding my mini file folders that hold all my stickers.  The bottle layer comfortably holds the extra washi that I don't currently store on my desk in my washi holder.  It also holds some post-it notes, colorful paperclips, washi swap samples and my coil clips. 

The storage container that I purchased is made by{Recollections}however, it does not seem to be listed online.  Here is a storage solution that is similar to the one I am currently using.   

This is what the container looks like when it is all sealed up. 
The top layer is removable and is shown on the right.  The bottom layer, shown on the left, has removable dividers so that you can section off any sized compartment that you want. 

This is the top section were I keep my extra stickers, perpetual planner {which I'm not currently using} and my Project Life cards.  I keep most of my extra stickers in small accordion file folders that are about 2 inches thick.  These are an awesome way to keep everything together and neat. 
The bottom layer is where I'm storing my extra washi and other random planner related accessories.  I'm not using the dividers to keep my washi secure so they're just kept at the back until I need to fill that space with other items. 
This was a great purchase for my planner items.  I can grab it and my Orla Kiely case and have everything I need for my weekly planning sessions. 

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  1. Thanks so Much!! Been looking for something for my planner stuff :) Just bought this one at Michael's online. Can't wait to get this in the mail. I know this post is old but wanted you to know that it helped me a ton!
    Thanks. Angie