Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Things Friday!

I'm back for another round of {Five Things Friday}! These are the things I'm loving this week. 

One: Lemon and Thyme Chicken.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and traced it back to "For The Love of Cooking."  It was a recipe that was adapted from Barefoot Contessa and is a perfect, easy way to prepare chicken.  It only takes a few minutes to prepare and goes great with salad, rice or new potatoes.  Find the recipe at the link above. 

Two: Garth Brooks.  Really... what more can I say about him.  I'm not a huge country fan but my dad played a lot of country for me when I was younger. Garth Brooks is one artist that stuck out.  I know all the words to almost every song and now that he's announcing tour dates again, I've been stalking his website daily.  He's an amazing performer and I will be happy to drag my husband along to go see him in concert. 

Three: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner.  These are my favorite pens for using in my {Erin Condren Life Planner}.  There are lots of color choices and they don't bleed through the pages. They are a bit pricy but I was able to find a  12 pack at Costco for under $8.00.  I am hoping to find this amazing 20 pack somewhere local to add to my color options.  For now I'll have to drool over them online. 

Four: HGTV Magazine.  This is my all-time favorite magazine.  I wish that my house looked like the ones in these pages.  This magazine is a great lifestyle/organization/home décor magazine that's colorful pages is totally worth a subscription. 

Five: Birkenstocks.  These are my go-to sandals that are rarely seen off my feet.  I begged my mom for a pair when I was a teenager and have been wearing them ever since.  I have a couple of different styles but these are what I'd consider the classic Birkenstock.  I always get my money worth with these!

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